Carlos of Coronado -- Haze Gray and Under Way!! -- always changing since 1981
A little bit about me and my hobbies (yes, this is the "I Love Me" section)

                                     HISTORIAN/CITIZEN-SAILOR/SOUNDSCAPER/A NEER DO WELL?
Video/image editing, noise-making, and research. Digitized Duane Allman/Allman Brothers (1969-1971), and the Gabriel-era Genesis (1970-75), preventing degradation. "Owner/Operator" of PNGuinn Productions/East-West Studios (1999- ), a computer-based facility. 

Releasing "noise" since 1999, influenced by Wakeman, Fast, Vangelis, Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, Kitaro, Lynch, and McKennitt. Email or as the works are not for sale. Also see: The Chronicles of Carlos of Coronado.

Hi, I am Carlos of Coronado, aka Carlos R. Rivera, A.A., B.A., M.A., Ph.D., 1/2 A.S. & LCDR US Navy, ret.

I enlisted and then earned a commission as a Surface Warfare Officer. I lived quite happily in Coronado for several years and return often.

The arrow marks the spot. Beyond it you see both San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. You can almost see the studios.
The earliest photograph of Carlos of Coronado in Coronado, taken at SWOS/NAB Coronado.  A "pre-Renaissance(?)" man in paradise.
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  Greeks held a belief that on the opposite shore far from anger old friends will meet again.

Tragedy plus time equals comedy
At noon of our lives the sun casts no shadows.

You can get into more trouble by being nice
than you can by saying no
Photo: Leslie Mack 30 July 1999
If the truth sets you free, what does a lie do?
            Carlos of Coronado
I am a historian "communing" between Coronado and Ohio, with a sideline of multimedia. Not trained, just a hobbyist beginning in 1984
(keyboards, software).  Nearly everything drawn from Ancient Greece. Still using computers, DAW, vst instruments.

Ph.D., Ohio State University (1990-1995); Ohio Historical Society (1995-1999); Adjunct Faculty (3/4 time yearly), Ohio State University,
1993-2011; Adjunct Faculty (6-7 classes yearly), Community College (2011-  ); Government full-time (2000-2012).

"In the Shadows of Coronado...".

PNGuinn Productions and East-West Studios
Coronado CA 92118/Columbus OH 43230
(619) 599-3624
18 March 2019
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         "Choir and Strings": original by Carlos of Coronado.
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  Blue Girls Matter
Happy Days Matter
  Gray Ships Matter
Gray Whales Matter
I completed "It's All Greek To Me", a 28 part performance, available as a digital work. Contact me for information. Released (December 2018) "Blind Venetians: Marco Polo". "Suffering Sarajevo Suite" is next.

I am continuing to work on a monograph for the career of RADM Akiyama Saneyuki (1868-1918) of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
a short sample is above, but newer tunes are always on SoundCloud as well as the other sites
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